What can the DPF flash cleaner clean?

Particulate filters tend to block irreversibly due to the combustion residues of the PM10 and, talking about fap, because of the deposits of cerium, which cannot burn and remain trapped permanently in the filter.

A clogged filter leads to, best-case scenario, a poor engine performance and an increase of fuel consumption, or, worst-case scenario to the breaking of the turbine or other parts of the engine.

The cleaning of the particulate filter, that is the combustion of the PM10 trapped inside the filter, is called regeneration and it takes place automatically only under some circumstances: every 400-800 km at a driving speed of 90 km/h for at least 10-12 minutes.

It is obvious that most of car drivers, that drive in the city for short routes at a low speed, are not able to satisfy the parameters to let the regeneration begin.

The driver realizes that the regeneration doesn’t occur when the “recovery” light comes on or, most of the time, when the engine performance decreases and the gas consumption grows.

At this point the driver should necessarily bring the car to a car repair in order to do a “forced regeneration”: if he doesn’t, the filter is going to block permanently causing damages to the engine, the only solution so far it is to replace the particulate filter with a new one (the replacement is not covered under the warranty if the cause is a lack of maintenance and it costs between €800 and €2000).

Whether you activate a regeneration or a forced regeneration with all the difficulties explained so far, you will only extend your DPF life of few kilometers.

The only effective solution is the DPF cleaning with Flash Cleaner Machine, an unique system which guarantees the complete removal of PM10, cerium and oil deposits without damaging the filter.

Flash Cleaner Machine ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the DPF up to 98%, allowing you to save on expensive repairing and replacement of the DPF.