About Us


DPF Flash Cleaning Ltd is a sister company to Advantage Vehicles Ltd, a used car business operating in Crewe Cheshire, run by Husband and Wife Simon and Toni Bebbington. We have over 30 years experience in the Motor Industry including working for BMW, Ford, and selling thousands of cars over a 25 plus year period.

During the past 5-10 years, as cars were fitted with DPF filters (mainly to reduce emissions) we noticed that there was a problem arising with the DPF filters becoming blocked up with carbon, mostly due to being used on short journeys, or just becoming full due to wear and tear.

To replace these with a genuine part often costs in excess of £1000, the non genuine ones just don’t work as I found out to my expense!

To ‘cure’ this, people offer a service called regeneration, where basically the car is driven at a certain amount of RPM for a certain amount of time, to get car exhaust system hot enough to melt the carbon through the system, or its done at a stand still via a diagnostic machine where the vehicle is kept at a high RPM for a period of time to try to affect the same outcome.

Unfortunately this (if it works at all) is a short term fix as its impossible to clear all the carbon and it soon builds back up again.